Found this picture today, of some friends and I eating at an underground brewery in Prague, Czech Republic, during a group excursion there in March. This photo was taken by friend, Branden Smith, (who’s birthday was that weekend!) It just brought back a whole bunch of nostalgia, fond memories, and immense love for those I travelled with, especially the boy in the far Left, who came all the way from Boston to visit.


A part of me hopes to Lord in heaven that I never really grow up.

A part of me revels in the fact that I’d rather wander outside than listen to talk radio, because I think it’s really boring, (even though I tell people it’s stimulating. That’s bullshit.)

And another part of me may see a dog running by, and have an innate instinct to chase it., just because. And every time I hear the words “tax returns” or “credit score” I panic, and these red flags of adulthood pollute my brain, and the 8year old me yells “Get out of there fast!” in a voice that sounds like mine, but is a bit higher, and all of a sudden I’m stuck Read the rest of this entry »

I was looking for some words of wisdom to encourage a friend, and I came across one of my favorite poems, that I consider more of a manifesto, or a creed of lifestyle, if you will.

Thanks Mr. Whitman for such beautiful prose, sorry you only got a bridge named after you in Camden, NJ.

“This is what you shall do:
Love the earth and sun, and animals, despise riches,
Give alms to every one that asks, stand up for the stupid and crazy,
Devote your income and labor to others, hate tyrants, argue not concerning God, Read the rest of this entry »

My newest obsession/new toy, the DIANA mini. Welp, here’s to experimenting. (With photography, I mean. What were you thinking?)

I’m leaving for an adventure out west. What better time than now to make playlists for my 2nd annual California trip?


c/o milebymile.com

1. San Francisco Knights (People Under the Stairs)

2. Summertime Clothes (Animal Collective)

3. I Left My Heart in San Francisco/NorCAL Remix (Sublime)

4. If You’re Going to San Francisco (Scott McKenzie) Read the rest of this entry »

While I could rant about my no good rainy day in this blog post, I will choose to instead dedicate it to 2 things that inspired me today. The first, is this cover of one of my favorite Fleet Foxes songs, by 2 scrumptous Swede tweens! This fair-haired duo, called First Aid Kit, has become more and more successful since the posting of this video, and they are currently touring the world! Let their voices woo you into submission!

The second is this poem that I stumbled upon recently. It just so happens this exact poem is one I saw on the London Underground, as a part of Science Poems on the London Underground. It struck me to find such beautiful words in the place of a common subway advertisement. They act as food for thought during a Londoner’s daily trudge home.

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